Hi everyone,

as discussed in class on Monday, this is the link to dailylit, a website that allows you to read books via email.

“Howards End” is in there if someone wants it to give it a try.


July 23, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Jeff Drouin replied:

    Thanks for the URL!

  2. yukonj88 replied:

    As with other pieces of work we have read, Howard’s End deals greatly with the social divides present in early 20th century England. Within the novel, three families, representing three different aspects of English society are set against one anotherin an effort to show the stark contrast between different social classes. However, eventually these seperate groups become so intermixed that the distinction between each becomes blurred. By having each group become so intermingled, the conflict of social, economic and philosophical inequity becomes obsolete. The intellectual Helen has a relationship with the more traditional Paul; Margaret eventually marries Henry, both events helping to bridge the gap between social classes and move closer to resolving important conflicts between the self and society. As the groups continue to mix further, there becomes no real distinction. The characters begin to realize that the disparity between them is not as great as once was thought.

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