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Welcome to ENG 41.2 Modern British Fiction to 1950! This course is a survey of modern British fiction from the beginning to the middle of the Twentieth Century. We will explore the development of prose fiction as a vehicle for the examination of self and society through representative works by Joseph Conrad, James Joyce, D. H. Lawrence, E. M. Forster, Virginia Woolf, and Aldous Huxley. In particular, we will examine how modernist innovations in narrative were used to explore new ground in ethics, politics, psychology, and sensibility.

On this blog there will be occasional short writing assignments. The purpose of these is to formulate a response to a reading before class and to allow you to start generating material you might use in your papers. I will post a topic on the blog and you will write a 1-2 paragraph response in the comments. Be sure to read your classmates’ responses before writing your own in order to enhance the conversation. In other words, if you agree with someone, don’t merely reiterate his or her comments but take them a step further; if you disagree, say why and use evidence from the text. Your responses can be somewhat informal but will be graded on their insightfulness and level of engagement with the question. Also, you should think of this as your website, so feel free to make your own posts, add pages, or add links even if there’s no assignment. In that way, we can generate a resource that will be helpful to us in our work.

For your first assignment, go to http://wordpress.com and sign up for an account if you don’t already have one (the giant green button at the top). Then post a comment below to say hello and tell me your WordPress username so I can add you to our blog.

Gold star for anyone who comments on how the above video deals with self and society. Looking forward to working with you!

— Jeff


July 14, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. cnudelmann replied:

    Hello professor,this is Chad Nudelmann from eng 41.2. My word press username is cnudelmann.

  2. benficajp9 replied:

    Hey this is David and my username is benficajp9

  3. rrios0326 replied:

    This is Roni Rios. The video above shows how sometimes we do not feel and think they same way that the people around us think and it can be frustrating. It says it’s okay to think differently if we do not fit into the societal norms.

  4. elizadrea replied:

    Hello Prof.

    This is Andrea E Munroe. My username is elizadrea.
    Hmmm…in my opinion, the video conveyed a sense of pressure to conform to the idealist beliefs of mainstream America. It seemed geared towards the subculture of teenagers that are struggling to find their place in the world without losing their individuality. Furthermore, it implies that most people seem to wear a mask for societal purposes, but the truth self in most cases is not only different, but very much suppressed.

  5. elizadrea replied:

    **Typo** I meant to say the “true self” not the “truth self”.

  6. Nina replied:

    Hi Professor,
    apparently my name is very common so I got iloveny77. Hopefully is not an issue.

  7. Raine replied:

    my screen name is ramsaygirl

  8. yukonj88 replied:

    Hi Professor,
    My user name in yukonj88.
    -Jonathan Small

  9. Nina replied:

    Why I can’t see the video?

  10. deguitaranna replied:

    Hello, this is Deanna, my username is DeGuitarAnna!
    I look forward to learning a lot!

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